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(OTC Symbol: APHP)

APHP trades publicly on the OTC (Over-the-Counter) Venture Market.

APHP and its Indie Partners are Well-Positioned to Reap Rewards from the Ever-Growing FILM/Show Markets.

APHP's management team and key advisors have developed strategic relationships over the past 30+ years. APHP's target-market niche is for films/shows ($3M to $14M). Indie projects afford, flexibility of locale, greater production incentives, and wider opportunities for stars to stretch their talents and win awards. APHP is adept at creative financing and partners with top-tier Independent film/show producers and A-List Hollywood talent to develop and acquire broad-appeal content for worldwide distribution.

Experience and Savvy, Grant APHP a Leading-Edge, Indie-Advantage.

APHP maintains VIP access to seasoned professionals, astute financiers, vetted filmmakers/showrunners, and pipelines to top-tiered projects. APHP relies on A-list talent and tenured crews, adheres to strict proprietary algorithms, and collaborates  with strategic partnerships to minimize risk and increase profitability. By operating lean, passing costs to projects, and wisely navigating the markets, APHP will emerge a winner, intelligently leveraging assets to deliver distinctive commercially viable content. 

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